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"Bilingualism in the Early Years: What the Science Says"

La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei, an Italian Language School, expanded in 2017 to open L'Asilo by La Scuola d’Italia Galileo Galilei,  a Multi-Lingual Early Learning Center, Daycare - Preschool at  401 Shady Ave, Ste G101, Pittsburgh PA 15206, in the Kenmawr Building that offers principally Italian and English as its two primary languages to all students, with the option of some rotating extracurricular languages throughout the year. Some examples of other languages that we have offered through the years, but not all at the same time, are: Spanish, French, Greek, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Farsi, Mandarin, Tagalog, Japanese, and many others (depending upon staffing and student’s home base languages).


The mission of our Daycare / Preschool and our entire organization is always to promote, to preserve, and to maintain the Italian Language, Art, History, and Culture, as well as, offer other languages and services to the community.  

La Scuola is a Family Community. We embrace the individual diversity of our students, and we accept all of them for who they are and who they want to become in life.  We allow the students to speak the languages that they feel most comfortable speaking, in addition to teaching them Italian and English, while further, introducing them to other new languages throughout the week. If a child speaks another language at home, we often ask families to participate in our Educational Program to share in their culture, their history, their language, and most often, the children are asked to do the same.  We create a warm and loving environment, where the children feel safe and proud to be who they are, proud of their diversity, proud of their family heritage, and proud to share what they know and understand about their culture, their history, and their language, as they share it with the rest of the classes.


Our services range from general early childhood education, daycare, preschool, with wide-ranging educational opportunities daily in the study of all of the Sciences, Math, Reading, Art, Music, History, Geography, Exploration and Imaginary Play, Physical activity, Movement of the body, Life lessons, Language Arts, respecting the Pennsylvania standards and educational services needed in Pa, in addition to language study and full immersion in those languages.


Our curriculum is based on the Five Fields of Experience “I Campi d’Esperienza” from Italy, where all the children explore all five learning areas (Critical Thinking-Science, Math, Reading, Imaginary Play, Art, Music, and Gym) on a daily basis, touching all Five Fields of Experience (World Knowledge, Recognition of Self and Other, The Body and Movement, Image, Sounds and Colors, Discourses and Words).  In using the Five Fields of Experience, we are able to explore the Sciences and Math sometimes using some Montessori methods and the Arts and Music sometimes using Reggio Emilia methods, incorporating all of this together into the yearly experiences for the students, as they learn, grow, and develop their skills for life. We offer continual and complete immersion in Italian, with the possibility to study another foreign language or two throughout each week. 


Based on enrollment and teacher availability, if we are able to offer additional foreign languages, through a teacher rotation, in addition to our offering of full immersion in Italian (based on staffing), then there could be a possibility of studying other additional foreign languages throughout the week. Some additional extra-curricular foreign language options that we have offered in the past, besides Italian and English again are: Spanish, French, Greek, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Farsi, Tagalog, Japanese, Mandarin, and other requests can also be made for other languages.


If you have a specific language that you would like your children to learn, in addition to Italian and English, and we have 5 requests or more for that same language, then we can make an effort to find a teacher to join the rotation of classes for that language, part-time or full-time.

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